THE TURTLE DREAMERS - © 2017 Final Four Productions. All Rights Reserved.
Written By Jason Gorankoff. Directed By Sandeep Sharma​
A teenage boy living in a strange city begins to uncover the truth... he's really aboard a massive flying machine traveling near the speed of light so its terminally ill inhabitants can age slower than the rest of those on Earth, in hopes that when they return hundreds of years later, cures to all their diseases will exist. 
Note from the Screenwriter - Jason Gorankoff

Note from the Director - Sandeep Sharma






I am so pleased with the script I have been able to craft in "The Turtle Dreamers." Now that I am the father of two beautiful girls, the importance of life has taken on new meaning for me. Life is a fragile, delicate entity and something which should be celebrated every day! “The Turtle Dreamers” weaves an intricate, heartbreaking story which shows the trajectories of many intersecting lives in a poignant portrait which resonates very strongly with me. I am so very excited to see this project brought to fruition at the talented hands of Sandeep Sharma and I want to thank each and every one of you for personally making this dream of mine a reality!

I am deeply humbled and extremely honored to have "The Turtle Dreamers" as the first feature film I direct. I have over 10 years of experience as an actor, writer, director, and producer so really directing a feature film has been long overdue for me. In addition to directing and acting in this film, I'm also composing some of the music for the film -- the track heard in the video was produced by me!


From a supporting role on an episode of America's Most Wanted to a featured extra role in Body of Lies opposite Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe to finally launching my own production company, I have enjoyed my journey thus far in the entertainment business and I'm only getting started! I've tried my hand at other opportunities (sales, customer service, IT support, etc.), nothing has ever meant as much to me as films.


I am excited to put all my years as an enthusiast of American and Indian films to good use. I am firmly committed to producing only the best films possible; "The Turtle Dreamers" is just one of those.